Saturday, November 21, 2015

The World's Fair - FANTASY


Week 11

Introduction to Fantasy Architecture and Exploration of the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair
Slides of Architecture and Drawings that explore Turn of the Century Ideas of the Future and Technology

Student will create drawings of study and exploration that further examine the idea of the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair as an idea of travel and exotic wanderlust. Chose a location (Real or Imagined) and present it as a place of wonder.  Classic Vintage Travel posters have been a device that lures a viewer into a new and exciting world away from home. Expand upon the awe of architectural monument by showing me a particular view, detail or vista that truly represents your wonderful moment in architectural history (Real or Imagined)

Materials - 18" x 24" white paper,[Displayed VERTICAL] HB, 2B, 4B graphite pencils, kneaded eraser. Ink or Marker Optional
COLOR is encouraged. DIGITAL is also available to you but be sure to create a final piece that is exhibition gallery quality.


This week’s lecture revolved around the 1893 Columbia Exposition (1893 Chicago Worlds Fair) and offered what the worlds best might look like. Technology and Flair were the driving forces of this marvelous display of architecture, art and culture.

It is easy to see that this was a pivotal moment in american history and provides a number of muses to ponder. From electricity and light as a motivating idea or concepts of optimism or national pride to inspire the age. The Chicago World's Fair ignited a era with new thoughts on terra-forming, spray painting, materials, exhibits pavilions, transportation, eateries, aquariums. weapons, machinery and name a few.

Architecture can be born of an idea, a heritage, or a technology.

Consider the notion of travel and how people choose a destination. The dream vacation or themes of the "happiest place on earth" or the "adventure awaits" or where "history and culture meet.




·          * Create a Travel Poster

·          Create one (1) gallery quality drawing depicting a historical place of wonder (real or imagined) .

           * Fully rendered and in COLOR

The choice is yours but be VERY careful to feature ARCHITECTURE as your focal point.
These may appear to be easy to do.....don't be fooled....this will required a solid effort. 
This kind of image demands a very sincere effort towards scale, proportion, staging and tone.

         IMPORTANT: Please provide sketches of your idea before Wednesday Nov. 25 for approval and feedback

        (Include studies as well as plans or sections to further illustrate the complexities of your idea)
         Complete:                               Assignment “FAIR”                                       1 drawing - rendered in color
  Research:                               Document a Famous City                           Select a city Europe, Asia or North America
                                                                                                                    (Assemble images and set the stage)



  1. Don't forget to send me sketches before Wednesday Nov 25 for feedback.

    PS. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  2. Hi students! Just a friendly reminder that I expect to review your work this week that each of you has done for this assignment. Please send my your progress before midnight so I can provide feedback. This is a very important assignment so please get some traction going into this week so each of you can pin up a great piece next Thursday.

    Mr Bob.

  3. A quick note to remind you to consider your overall layout to include title text (name of the place) and any border treatments or slogan callouts.

    Thanks to those who submitted ideation and current progress. I have provided feedback to each of you. This will contribute handsomely to your final grade. This industry is fickle and communication is key.... Checking in with your supervisor is so important and shows a dedication and commitment to collaboration and the creative process.

    Mr Bob