Monday, December 7, 2015



Week 12

It has been a long and wonderful course. You have created a number of works that demonstrate a solid understanding of architecture. Now it is time to review your assignments and choose one to finalize. 


The end is near and now you must bring one of your assignments to a level of quality and sophistication that it is worthy of a place in your portfolio. You should use one of your pieces as an anchor piece and further develop other aspects of the architectural idea. I recommend that you tackle this as a "set" of drawings that tells a story of history, structure, material, proportion, scale and drama. Use Light and Color. The Layout of the drawings should also be carefully considered as a work of art in and of itself.




·          * Create a Series of Drawings that work together as a whole to communicate a complete architectural idea.

·          Create a set (3-5) gallery quality drawings depicting a place (real or imagined) 

           * Fully rendered and in COLOR with supporting PLANS, SECTIONS, ELEVATIONS and DETAILS 

Put together a STRATEGY that outlines a clear ROAD MAP to what you intend to present as a final SET of images

         IMPORTANT: Please bring sketches of your idea next class Thursday Dec. 10 for approval and feedback


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