Sunday, November 1, 2015

Approaching Architecture - The "FACE"


Week 8

Introduction to Theories of Proportion and Scale
Slides of Architecture and Drawings to illustrate Historical Orders
Students will examine: The Golden Section, Greek Orders, Renaissance Theories, Le Corbusier and others

Student will create a drawing for a Building Facade that embodies proper proportion and scale
Materials - 18" x 24" white paper, HB, 2B, 4B graphite pencils, kneaded eraser. Ink Marker Optional


This week’s lecture will focus on the notions of proportion and scale. Often an artist is faced with creating a convincing architectural backdrop that places the player in a particular period or era. As discovered in this lecture there are various orders or principles that help determine proportion such as material, structural, or fabricated constrains. Wood varies in size but only within the scope of how wood grows. Stone varies in size but generally can only be transported conveniently at particular sizes. Other constrains come from how wide a space can stretch without support or even just why brick are sized the way they are to provide strength, convenience, and aesthetic uniformity.

Scale can be understood:
·          in context of the site or other elements of the architecture
·          with respect to the human form

The Facade

·     Create one (1) drawing depicting a facade. It must be fully rendered and of gallery quality featuring line, tone & color.

o    Research your Architecture and be prepared to talk about it and why its proportions make for an appealing facade.
      Consider the Golden Section as a method for understanding the proportions of your facade
o    The facade should be existing and adhere to a system of proportion. 
o    Explore scale of elements or parts that make up the whole of the facade
o    Play with the notion of “Scale” by placing a human form somewhere in the drawing
o    Render light, shadow, pattern, and depth into the facade elevation drawing
      ·          Render in Pencil with tone, Ink with shadow, and color suggestions

Complete:                              Assignment “The Facade”                                     1 Drawing

Read:                                   Architecture: Form, Space and Order                Chapter 7 (pp. 332-385)


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