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The Architect’s Garden - PLAN & SECTION

Week 2

Introduction to Architectural Language, Drafting Methods, and The role of the Architect
Slides of Architecture and Drawings
Students will be given a PLAN and a SECTION from a famous structure for analysis.

Student will draw architecture in Plan, Section, and Elevation to understand basic notions of “path” and “place”.
Materials - 18" x 24" white paper, HB, 2B, 4B graphite pencils, kneaded eraser. Ink Marker Optional


This week’s lecture will explore the fundamental visual representation of Plan and Section.  Architects depict space and structure through drawings of “Plan” and “Section”.  By imagining a cut or slice through a building to reveal the organization or sizes of space (rooms and halls) as well as the system or assembly of structure (floors and walls), the students will explore both plan and section to better understand the appropriateness and power of each.  How are they similar and how they are unique will surface during this exploration.

Plan and Section: Garden


·          Choose one plan from the list of plans provided.
·          Choose one section from the list of sections provided. Yes, these are separate steps.
·          Research and analyze the plan and the section to better understand what you are drawing.
·          Create a series of 5 Drawings that starts with the PLAN and ends with the SECTION
o    Drawing 1 – 90% PLAN with 10% SECTION
o    Drawing 2 – 75% PLAN with 25% SECTION
o    Drawing 3 – 50% PLAN with 50% SECTION – This will be your GARDEN
o    Drawing 4 – 25% PLAN with 75% SECTION
o    Drawing 5 – 10% PLAN with 90% SECTION
·          OPTIONAL - Create a single drawing that is a “transformation” from plan to section. (using the same approach)
·          Position the plan on one side of the drawing and the section on the opposite of the drawing, leaving a space at the center of the drawing depicting an architectural expression of “garden”.
·          Research the term “garden” - choose elements of space or form to help communicate the focus of your drawing, which is “garden”.
·          Be as faithful to the original plan and section as possible when recreating them in your drawing.
·          When transforming from plan, introduce elements of the section, and when drawing the section, begin to introduce elements of the plan.
·          Explore ideas of structure, opening, enclosure, shelter, water and gravity.
·          Use clear examples of line weight or shading to help identify the boundaries of form and space within your drawing. (A heavy line weight generally depicts the cut of plan or section).


Complete:                              Assignment “The Architect’s Garden”               1 Drawing
Read:                                      Architecture: Form, Space and Order                Chapter 2 (pp. 50-105)


  1. Hello Students! I hope you are all enjoying this week's assignment. Some of you have already emailed me with questions. Here are done additional pointers.

    1. Architects have explored the idea of a garden throughout history and across various styles from the hanging gardens of Babylon to central park. Do your own research on the subject of architecture and gardens. Then depict your garden at the centre of your image that calls out some of the features of the term "garden"

    2. The central image needs to be constructed from 50% of your chosen plan and 50% of your chosen section. The point is you want to craft something that evokes BOTH qualities of plan and section. You with soon discover that whatever you create will ultimately feel like one or the other.... But fight the urge to see it as just a plan out section. Use the elements on your drawing to make the viewer see a "garden". That is the real goal.

    Hope that helps.

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  3. Typo....."fight the urge to see it as just a plan OR section"

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    Please email me, if you haven't already and let me know which PLAN and which SECTION you have chosen for the assignment. Email me at