Monday, October 19, 2015

London Fog - Architectural "PATH"

Week 7

Introduction to Circulation – Defining Time, Sequence and Space
Slides of Architecture and Drawings exploring “Path and Staging”

Student will craft a series of storyboards to illustrate the staging of a simple story within the context of a Victorian setting.
In addition to these images, students shall craft 10 "entrances" of various styles or era.
Materials - 18" x 24" white paper, HB, 2B, 4B graphite pencils, kneaded eraser. Ink Marker Optional


This week’s lecture will focus on the notions of path and staging.  Fundamental to storytelling and building anxiety and suspense, paths and staging sit at the core of game level design.  While games offer players “Places” to visit where they fight, shoot, investigate, collect or kill, these become spaces or pauses in the fabric of an environment. Places present objectives in a story but ultimately the player requires a path to get to them. Some paths are critical and advance the main story while other paths are optional and enrich the narrative with side quests or hidden treasures. All paths share common aspects (linear or within an open world) that help guide the player goes through an environment. These can be various gates, entrances, boundaries and the like which move the player up, down, around, under and along a route punctuated with vistas and landmarks.


London Fog


In the past young studying Architects would be required to draw the great architectures of the world for years before designing anything of their own. This was to ensure a strong ability to draw so that any new design could be clear and well understood.

·          Create ten (10) drawings in total depicting entrance.
o    Prehistoric
o    Egyptian
o    Greek
o    Roman
o    Medieval Gothic
o    Renaissance
o    Baroque
o    Modern/Urban
o    Sci-Fi
o    Fantasy

·          Communicate a story as a sequence of images and rely on very specific architectural notions to create and reinforce a "Path"

        Through a series of drawings (create ten (10) in total) identify staging through Victorian Architecture
o    Entrance
o    Gate
o    Path
o    Vista
o    Reveal
o    Landmark
o    Rat’s Eye Perspective (upward view)
o    Bird’s Eye Perspective (downward angled view)
o    Stair (elevation change)

o    An elevation or sectional diagram identifying the staging from point A to point B


Complete:                               Assignment “London Fog”                                    20 Drawings 
Read:                                      Architecture: Form, Space and Order                Chapter 6 (pp. 292-329)

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  1. Quick UPDATE! It was pointed out to me that I had forgotten to include a couple of drawings requests that were on the actual handout. So yes....20 drawings ion total.

    For those of you who missed last week....please be prepared to show last week's assignment AS WELL AS this week's assignment. Which as I said in class.....These drawings need to look amazing and portfolio ready....rendered fully and gallery quality....I will be evaluating your ability to draw. These need to be beautiful...spend the least 30 minutes per drawing.

    So a minimum of 10 solid hours of drawing needs to happen.
    (HINT: Spending more time will yield better results :))